John, Dublin

The first time I worked with Alan was the summer of 2013 where we started a 12 week off-season program together. The main emphasis was on maximal strength development, explosive strength and speed.  Alan taught me the level of detail that goes in to improving body composition. His understanding of nutrition and exercise is without doubt the best I have come across and he breaks everything down so it is easy to understand. The work I do with Alan isn't guess work, its an application of science. The results I was seeing weren't by some accident. Unsurprisingly my performance on the pitch saw vast improvements as my speed and strength had never been better. Alan said to me one day with respect to working with him and it rings 100% true: Results are not random, they're predictable.

Pamela, Dublin

I had the pleasure of meeting with Alan at the beginning of this year when I contacted him after being diagnosed with Coeliac Disease.  Due to my diagnosis, I immediately had to make a big lifestyle change which, at the outset, appeared rather daunting.  Alan relayed complex information in a simplistic and easy to understand manner. Alan was with me step by step of the way providing fantastic advice and strong support that helped me put a permanent lifestyle change into effect.
I truly do not believe I would have learned everything I did and feel so good about my diagnosis without Alan and his support and advice.  Alan is the utmost professional yet he has a touching compassion and dedication to his clients.

Will, Dublin

Looking back, I thought I knew some stuff about nutrition and exercise but compared to what I have learned and put into practice today, I was clueless. I was always good at getting to the gym a few times a week but wasn’t really getting the rewards from that effort.  I put that down to genetics or not being a naturally good at sport; how wrong I learnt that to be! Alan put in front of me a clear plan that was easy to follow and logical.  I loved the simple but well researched logic each gym and nutrition plan employed.  By making small but clever changes to my diet I was able to see much better improvements in my physique.  In the gym, things were more purposeful and the workouts more enjoyable and varied. The physiological aspects were a bonus too; better mood and wellbeing as well as the sense of achievement by setting and hitting goals. If you are ready to work hard, make changes and want it enough; Alan can change your life. He most certainly changed mine. I highly recommend Alan.